Commonly asked questions 

General questions

How do I talk to someone?

You can talk to one of our friendly team of experts by booking in a time that suits you on our help page. 

I’m in an emergency, how do I reach you?

You can reach us 24/7 in case of emergencies. Learn more here.

How do I make a claim? 

You can start your claim by logging in here and telling us what happened. Or, you can set up some time to talk to one of our claims experts.  Learn more here. 

How do I make a complaint?

If you have something you want to talk through or a complaint, we'll always do our best to work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible. You can book in some time to talk to our team. Learn more about our complaints process here.  

How does carbon offsetting with Huddle work?

When you buy a new Huddle policy, we’ll pay to help offset your carbon emissions by planting and protecting native forests. We do this by partnering with Greenfleet. They plant biodiverse, native forests in Australia and New Zealand, which are legally protected for 100 years. Not applicable to policy renewals. 

 What is an excess and how does it work?

An excess is the amount of money you pay towards the cost of any claim. You can think of the excess as a contribution you’re making towards your claim. The excess reduces your premium to make it more affordable. When an excess applies, you may have to pay your basic excess plus any applicable additional excess.

Car insurance questions

Can I choose my excess?

You can choose an excess from $500 to $5,000. Just make sure you keep in mind what you can afford to pay in the event you need to claim.

Is anyone insured to drive my car?

We insure licensed drivers as well as learner drivers, as long as they’re older than the minimum age listed on your Certificate of Insurance and are following the requirements of their learner’s licence.

Internationally licenced drivers are also insured, as long as the road traffic authority in the Australian state or territory that they drive the car in recognises their international licence and the driver complies with their licence conditions.

Can I choose where to get my car repaired? 

If we accept your claim and the damage to your car can be repaired, we’ll arrange for your car to be repaired using trusted car repairers.

With Huddle Black you can choose your own repairer, but we may still ask you to get a quote from a repairer we select, too.

We work closely with trusted car repairers to make sure they provide you with quality repairs in a timely manner.

How can I get the lowest premium?

A safe driving history will go a long way. But choosing the Pay As You Drive cover or a higher excess that you can afford may also help reduce the premium you'll pay. Simply get a quote and choose the options that are best for you. Pay As You Drive is only available for our Comprehensive and Huddle Black cover levels.

How does Pay As You Drive Cover work?

Pay As You Drive Cover is comprehensive insurance for drivers who spend less time behind the wheel.

When you sign up, you can buy between 1,000km to 15,000km per year, depending on how many kilometres you think you'll drive during the period of insurance.

We'll then ask you for your start odometer reading within 14 days of the start date of your policy. Your end odometer reading will be your start odometer reading plus the number of kilometres you purchased.

Your Certificate of Insurance will show:

  • the start odometer reading you gave us;
  • the number of kilometres you purchased; and
  • your end odometer reading

Don't worry, if you think you'll drive more than the number of kilometres that you purchased, you can top up your kilometres during the term through the ‘Manage policies’ section of your account. Just keep in mind that we'll need to adjust your premium, too. Check out our PDS for more details.

If you need to make a claim and your odometer reading at the time of the claim is less than your start odometer reading or greater than your end odometer reading, a $1,000 additional excess will apply.

Make sure you give us your start odometer reading within 14 days of the start date of your policy. If you need to make a claim after this time and you have not given us your start odometer reading, the $1,000 additional excess will apply.

What is Huddle Black?

Huddle Black is our most powerful level of comprehensive car insurance cover. You get all the benefits of our Comprehensive Car Insurance cover plus additional benefits, higher limits and even free roadside assistance.

For more details, see our Product Disclosure Statement. Roadside assistance terms of service apply.

Home & Contents insurance questions

What are the different types of home insurance I can get with Huddle?
  • Home insurance
  • Contents insurance 
  • Home and contents insurance 
What does sum insured mean for home insurance? 

Sum insured is the maximum total amount that we would pay if you needed to repair or rebuild your home.

How much should I insure my home for?

It’s important to insure your home for an amount that would cover all the costs if you had to rebuild it. Every home is different. When you calculate the cost of rebuilding your home you should think about all the costs that would be involved, like demolition, debris removal, professional fees and council fees.

You can speak with a suitably qualified professional, such as a builder or domestic building valuer, who may be able to provide you with an accurate rebuild cost estimate. Always check that the sum insured you select will be enough to cover the rebuilding cost of your home. 

Am I covered for flood?

Yes, you’re covered for flood whether you choose Home Insurance, Contents Insurance or both. The higher of your chosen basic excess or a fixed excess of $500 applies to each flood event.

There's no cover for rainwater or flood, if it occurs within the first 72 hours of the time you first purchase the policy, or you subsequently purchase the policy after any gap in home/ contents cover, unless you transferred a home/ contents insurance policy with equivalent cover to us from another insurance company without an interruption in cover. We will not cover any increase in sums insured for these events in the first 72 hours.

What does accidental damage mean?

Accidental damage means damage caused unintentionally to your home, if you have Home Insurance with this cover option, or contents, if you have Contents Insurance with this cover option. Accidental damage can cover things like your favourite vase breaking or your hallway wall being damaged as you’re moving your new couch in.

You will be covered for accidental damage if you choose the Comprehensive Cover option or Huddle Black for your policy.

Some things are excluded, like scratching, chipping or denting, caused by normal use. See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Under the Basic Cover option, you will still be covered for accidental glass breakage. Policy terms do apply.

Can I pay my premium monthly?

Yes. You can choose to pay monthly for your home insurance, or save by paying annually.

I’m going on holiday, what do I need to do?

It's important to let us know if your home will be unoccupied for a period of more than 100 consecutive days. If you tell us, we may be able to provide cover during this period subject to certain conditions for your home being unoccupied. See the section titled ‘Leaving your home unoccupied’ in the Huddle Home & Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for details.

We do not provide cover where your whole home is rented out on Airbnb or similar shorter term rental (even if it's just while you're on holiday).

Some of my belongings are very valuable. How are they covered?

Your valuable contents are covered up to your contents sum insured while inside your home, however some types of contents have fixed or flexible limits.

For example, the maximum we can provide cover up to for bicycles or portable musical instruments is $1,000 per item for Basic Cover or $2,000 per item for Comprehensive Cover.

Jewellery, watches, collectables, and media (like CDs and DVDs) are covered up to flexible limits depending on your cover level, but you can increase these limits by letting us know and having the items individually listed with their value on your Certificate of Insurance.You don't pay extra for this, for cover within your home, so long as you account for these valuables when choosing how much to insure your contents for.

You can also add our Portable Valuables Cover option to cover things you take on the go. Check out the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for more information on Portable Valuables Cover.

For more information on the limits that apply to contents and valuables, you can check out the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s the difference between Home Insurance and Contents Insurance?
  • Home Insurance is for homeowners who live in their home and want insurance for their building and fixtures. It covers the residential buildings, domestic outbuildings, fixtures, services like electricity, water and gas at the insured site, permanently installed swimming pools and paved driveways etc.
  • Contents Insurance is for homeowners living in their home or renters renting a home who want insurance for their things. Contents include things like art, watches, jewellery, sporting equipment, carpets, rugs, furniture, electronics, bicycles, portable musical instruments and more.
I run a business from home. Am I covered?

If you run a business from home, you need to let us know when we ask you about how you use your home.

We cover contents in your home office that you own, like office furniture and personal computers. Policy limits and terms do apply.

We don't cover stock, or items used in connection with a business that are owned by an employer (like computers supplied by your employer), or things like loss of profit or business interruptions. Also, our liability cover doesn't extend to anything arising in connection with or out of any business carried out by you or your family members who normally live with you.

For a full list of what's included, see the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

I’m a landlord, can I use this policy?

No, our policies are not designed for landlords.

  • Huddle Home Insurance is designed for owner-occupiers who want insurance for their home.
  • Huddle Contents Insurance is designed for homeowners, owners of strata-titled residential properties or renters, who want insurance for their contents.
  • Huddle Home & Contents Insurance is designed for owner-occupiers who want insurance for both their home and contents.
What is Huddle Home Assist?

Huddle Home Assist is a home assistance service, provided by Allianz Global Assistance with the purchase of a Huddle Black Home, Contents or Home and Contents policy.

Huddle Home Assist is an additional service option that provides 24/7 help with 10 common home emergencies.

  1. Being locked out of the house
  2. Blackout or power failure
  3. Burst tap or showerhead
  4. Damaged roof or guttering causing an internal leak
  5. Burst pipe
  6. Blocked toilet, drain or pipes
  7. Broken or burst hot water system
  8. Gas leak
  9. Broken external door or window
  10. Damaged heating or cooling system

With Huddle Home Assist, you are entitled to 2 call-outs with your 12 month Huddle Home Assist membership and get up to $300 (inc. GST) off the bill for each of these call-outs. If you've used up your 2 call-outs and you experience one of the 10 emergencies included in Huddle Home Assist, you can still call at any time to arrange for a tradesperson at your expense.

Huddle Home Assist is here 24/7. Call 1300 777 200 to get help arranging for a qualified tradesperson to assist.

For more information on Huddle Home Assist, check out the terms and conditions for Huddle Home Assist here.

What is Huddle Black?

Huddle Black is our most powerful level of cover and is available whether you choose Home Insurance, Contents Insurance or both.

You get all the benefits of our Comprehensive Home & Contents Insurance cover plus additional benefits, higher limits and even access to an emergency Home Assist service.For more details, check out the Product Disclosure Statement.