Effective 12 September 2019


This document sets out details of the Huddle Insurance automated claims service available through www.huddle.com.au and the Huddle Insurance App (“Huddle online claims”), including eligibility requirements and your rights and responsibilities.

Huddle online claims is an automated service offered by Huddle Insurance to help facilitate claims on behalf of our insurance partners. Huddle online claims does not affect your rights and responsibilities in relation to any insurance product that you have purchased. These rights and responsibilities are outlined in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS“).

As Huddle online claims is an automated service, Huddle Insurance reserves the right to review any decisions it makes and, if Huddle online claims accepts a claim or makes a payment that is not in accordance with the relevant PDS, Huddle Insurance will not be bound by that decision.


Huddle online claims is only available to users who have completed verification and have a Huddle Insurance ID login.

Use of Huddle online claims

By using Huddle online claims you consent to us sharing information with Insurance Reference Services Limited (“IRS“). Huddle online claims will also assess the information you provide and help to detect fraudulent activity.

Huddle online claims may approve same day payments or repairs. Any authorised payment is subject to verification and ongoing assessment for fraud and liability. In the case that a claim is subsequently determined to be fraudulent any outstanding payments will be withheld and any payments made will be recoverable by us.


Payments will be made to the bank account details that you have provided through the Huddle Insurance Service.

For claims approved before 16:00 Sydney time Monday to Friday, payment will be processed the same day and will usually be available in your account the next business day.

Huddle Insurance cannot guarantee the availability of funds in your account and is not liable for any fees or charges that you incur as a result of any delays to payments being available in your account.